Test results

If your test has been requested by the hospital or another provider, please contact them for your results.

The easiest way to access results requested by the practice, once the GP has reviewed these, is via your NHS App. Go to ‘GP health record’ and then ‘Test results’.

If you are not yet set up with the NHS App, you do not need to contact the practice to request access. Simply go to Access your NHS account and follow the instructions.

We request that you do not assume that a result is normal if we do not contact you. The practice will contact you if there is a significant problem with your results, but please do review all results as the GP may have made some suggestions or advice based on your results even if there is not a significant problem. Due to confidentiality, we are unable to give results to a third party unless this has been arranged by prior written consent.

Results normally take 5 working days to come back to us, so please wait 5 working days before contacting us. We will notify you if any of your results require immediate action.

Questions about your results

If you are not able to access the NHS App and have a query regarding test results, please contact us.