Accessing long acting reversible contraception

Accessing LARC appointments at Brockwell Park Surgery

This service is only available to patients registered at the practice. If you would like a coil insertion, coil exchange, implant insertion, implant exchange or implant removal, please contact us to book an appointment.

Please provide details of your current method of contraception, and which procedure you would like to have. Please let us know if you have any particular concerns about the procedure. If you are asking for an exchange, please include the expiry date for your current device (if known).

Coil insertions in breastfeeding women

Fitting a contraceptive coil in the first 6 months after delivery in a breastfeeding woman is associated with a roughly 11-fold higher risk of perforating the womb. As a result, we encourage breastfeeding women to use alternative contraception in the 6 months after delivery.

Coil removals

In most cases, this is a very simple procedure which simply involves pulling on the threads while you cough.

A nurse appointment is ideal for a coil removal, as long as you don’t need to discuss ongoing contraception. If you need to discuss your contraception options, please book an appointment via reception with one of the doctors who is able to remove coils.

NB sperm can live for up to 7 days, so please make sure there is no unprotected intercourse for 7 days before a coil removal or a coil exchange, or else there may be a risk of pregnancy.

More information on different LARC methods

We fit the mirena coil (52mg progesterone) and the smaller kyleena device (19.5mg progesterone).

We only fit the Nova T380 device. This is licensed for 5 years in patients under 40, and for as long as needed if fitted after your 40th birthday.

Local clinics offering Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC)

Local clinics also offer appointments for long acting reversible contraceptives, such as coils or implants. They will usually schedule an initial telephone appointment and then book you in for the procedure.

Alternative providers of LARC

You can also call Marie Stopes International’s Reproductive Choices – service on 0345 300 2350 for appointments in Lambeth.