Request your Medical Records

All patients have the right to request access to their medical records. This is known as a ‘subject access request’ and needs to be reviewed by a doctor before access can be granted.

Under the Data Protection Act, we will respond to your request for access to records within a maximum of one calendar month from the date of the request.

We can decline to supply some of your request if, for example:

  • It is likely to cause serious harm to the physical or mental health of any individual
  • The information you have asked for contains information that relates to another person

The majority of patient records are now held electronically. There may be additional paper records held for some patients that contain health data from before medical records were digitalised (more than 20 years ago).

Request your Medical Records

Details of the person making the request

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A person with parental responsibility will usually be entitled to access the records of a child who is aged under 11. Children aged 11 or older are usually considered to have the capacity to give or refuse consent to parents requesting access to their health records, unless there is a reason to suggest otherwise. If you are requesting access to records for a child aged 11-15, they will need to provide their consent to this. Please submit this form and we will contact you further to discuss the required paperwork and proof of ID.

We will need the patient's written consent if you wish to access their record. Where written consent is not possible, other arrangements will be necessary. We will contact you to discuss this further, once the form has been received.

Details of the patient whose records are being requested

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Date and type of records you would like to request

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Please use date format: DD/MM/YYYY
Please use date format: DD/MM/YYYY

Terms and Conditions

By completing this application form, I agree to the following conditions:

  • I have read and understood the Online Access for Patients - Important Information. I accept that it is my responsibility to maintain the security of any information that I see, download or choose to share with others.
  • I understand that I can terminate my account at any time by contacting the surgery, or change my log in details by re-registering and that this form will be kept on my electronic records.
  • I will contact the practice, as soon as possible, if I suspect that any of my accounts have been accessed by someone without my agreement or if I see information in my record that is not about me or is inaccurate.
  • If I think that I may come under pressure to give access to someone else unwillingly I will contact the practice as soon as possible.
  • The practice may withdraw my access to any online services, if it considers that they are being used inappropriately.
Our standard practice is to provide access to electronically held records via the patient's online access provider (e.g. the NHS App or Patient Access). Would you like to discuss alternative arrangements?
To complete your online registration, we request that you upload a photo of yourself holding a proof of your ID, with both your face and the ID clearly visible in the photo. The ID must be either a passport or a driving licence which is currently in date. If completing on behalf of a child, you will need to upload a birth certificate or proof of parental responsibility. Please attach your files here:
Maximum upload size: 104.86MB